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Soup of the Day                                                                              £3.50

(served with French toast)

Smoked salmon                                                                               £3.50

(served with a créme fraiche dip and side salad)
Deep-fried Brie                                                                       £3.50
(with salad and a mixed fruit sauce)

Melon cocktail                                                                        £3.50

(melon and grapes in fruit juice)

House Specialities
Beef Stroganoff                                                                                 £9.00
(Strips of rump steak, Julienne carrots, mushrooms, peppers and peas in a rich creamy sauce. Served with rice)

"Toad in the Hole"                                                                                         £9.00
(Giant Yorkshire with pork and apple sausage, mashed potatoes and vegetables in gravy)

"Blue Grass" Chicken                                                                  £9.00
(Chicken breast topped with bacon, mature Cheddar cheese and a "Jack Daniels" and honey sauce. Served with chips and veg)

Leek and Cauliflower bake (v)                                                     £9.00
(Leeks, cauliflower, butterbeans and red pepper in a créme fraiche sauce topped with cheese. Served with new potatoes and veg)

Chilli non Carne (vegan)                                                                      £9.00
(Lentils, carrots, peppers, kidney beans, mushrooms and tomatoes in chilli sauce. Served with boiled rice)
House specialities containing mushrooms can be prepared without if required


From the Grill

Sirloin Steak                                                                                     £12.00
(8oz steak with onion rings and a choice of sauces: creamy pepper, Jack Daniels & honey or "Diane". Served with chips and veg)

 Cumberland Sausage                                                                       £8.00
(Bewley's sausage with a fried egg or onion gravy. Served with chips and veg)
Gammon Steak                                                                    £8.00
(With pineapple, fried egg or both! Served with chips and veg)

Breaded Scampi                                                                              £8.00
(10 pieces of golden scampi served with chips and veg)

Battered Cod                                                                                    £8.00
(Oven-baked in crispy batter served with chips and veg)

Salmon Fillet                                                                                     £9.00 
(On a bed of lettuce accompanied by a créme fraiche and tartare sauce. Served with new potatoes and veg)

Cod Mornay £9.00
(Cod fillet in cheese sauce. Served with new potatoes and veg)

Ice Cream                                                                              £3.00

(3 scoops of  vanilla ice cream )

Chocolate “Lumpy Bumpy”                                                            £4.00
(Chocolate sponge and mousse & lumpy bumpy cheesecake)

"Cartmel" Puddings                                                                         £4.00
Sticky Toffee, Chocolate or Ginger
(Served hot with cream, ice-cream or custard)

Hot Apple Pie                                                                              £4.00
(Deep-filled with Bramley apples)

Open to Non-Residents

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